We are in full swing summer fishing pattern here in Rockport. The trout bite has been good when the winds are less freeling croaker in three to four feet of water. You have to move around a little to put a decent box together . Wade fishing has been a little more of a grind for trout and reds. Using soft plastics and croaker you have to make long wades to get a good stringer. The redfish bite has been a little slow but have been catching a few on cut skipjack or fresh dead mullet on windy shorelines.The black drum bite is really good if you find them schooled up using peeled shrimp on the bottom. They also have been good with live shrimp under a cork along shell reefs.I am hoping the winds lay and will be able to do some surf fishing in the later part of July. This can be very productive for trout and reds freelining croakers in the second and third gut on the beach. I still have some days available in July and August. Give me a call or text let’s go fishing!

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A buddy of mine owns two waterfront condos in Rockport. This weekend a mutual friend of ours and I joined him for a little salt water fishing action.

Friday night, we rolled into Rockport around 7:30pm. After getting unloaded we all sat on his back deck talking and having a few beverages. He has two underwater lights installed and I sat there watching the shadows of small pin fish and listening to the slurping of trout. I couldn’t resist and started throwing his little deck setup which consisted of dual baby swim baits. Over the next hour I caught two small sand trout and two small specks. In bed at 11 and up by 7:30, Saturday morning and headed straight for the bait shop.  My friend already had a bag of frozen cut large mullet ready to go but to be safe we bought a quart of shrimp and bag of fresh finger mullet.  Now we were set and off to the boat slip we went to board the boat – which just so happens to be a really bad ass 27′ Shallow Sport X3.   Stopped for some gas and off we went.  It was around 9am then….

It was a one hour ride to the spot he wanted to fish. When we got there, he drove into the cove on-plain in 10″ of water.  We anchored the boat to the shore, put both power poles down, and hiked across the dunes to the gulf.  We waded out and started fishing the first cut. The waves were really rolling in and my waders were worthless. (In short, I was soaking wet!)  I was using my Pflugerville punch special. St. Croix Avid-X 7’4″ Heavy-Fast topped with a Abu Revo STX 8.0:1 and 65lb Suffix 862. It was rigged very simply with a 2oz drop weight and 3/0 octopus hook pushed through cut mullet.  After about 20 minutes it was on. For the next 3 1/2 hours we caught bull red after bull red. Not a single undersized red was caught. Throw in the mix of flat heads and croakers and we caught a lot of fish. 18 bull reds between the three of us. Largest red we kept was 27 5/8 and all three of us had our limit within the first hour.

Once I got back on shore my waders were full of water from my thighs down.  Fishing can work-up a mighty appetite so we all spent a little time on the boat eating cold Popeye’s chicken, cooling off, and getting hydrated. Talked to a few other boats that showed-up and then back to the boat slip and condo we went.  That night on the back deck, using the small “swim bait” setup, I caught a few more baby sand trout and a small sheepshead.

Come Sunday morning, my buddy had booked is a fishing guide service that he had used before and told us he was the “reel” deal!  Cedar Bayou Outfitters’ “Capt. Jeff Sims” was not only experienced, but had the knowledge and whereabouts to put us on the fish and show us a great day on the water.  The four of us got ready to go…… but before I get started on this part of the trip, I have to say that Capt. Jeff was everything he claimed to be – and then some!  It was awesome and I would recommend him to family friends and anyone reading this testimonial!    He has a great personality to boot!!  And as it turns out – he is from Pflugerville too – imagine that!!!  And fishing isn’t the only service he offers:  Flounder Gigging, he’s Duck Hunting Outfitter, Campouts, Kayak Transport and Eco-Nature Tours are also offered.

We met Capt. Jeff at 7:30am and shoved off at 8. At the first location he throw out the first shrimp on popping cork as a demonstration and to test a reel he just had repaired. Two pops later and the first speck trout was on. It was small but a good sign none the less. For the next 8 hours all we did was catch fish. We would go to a new spot and catch a few keeper specks and a lot of smalls. Move to a new spot catch a few keeper specks and them move on.  A little after noon the bite slowed so we went after reds. Caught rat red after rat red but nothing to keep.  Capt. Jeff recommended one last spot for specks. Next thing I know we hit the mother load. At one point we had four on at one time. Everyone is hooking up and we are catching our fair share of keepers. I saw a mud swirl and I ended up catching three nice black drums back to back.  Next thing we knew the three quarts of shrimp are almost gone. We got down to the last two shrimps and my buddy and I hook them up. Bam, we both have fish on and they are both keeper specks.

The day ended up with 4 fishermen limiting out on speck trout and three black drum. We must have caught 1 keeper speck for every 6-8 undersized. We caught a lot of trout that trip. Not to bad for the off-season. Under my left arm is bruised along with my left rib cage.  Headed back to the condo with a bag of trout. Loaded up the truck with the trout and three full vacuum sealed bags of reds and drove back to Pflugerville.  It was one of the best days on the water I can remember and I long to go back with my friends and do it again with Capt. Jeff often!!!  So thank you Capt. Jeff for showing us just how productive it can be to hire a professional fishing guide – I don’t think my friends and I had any idea just how much fun it would be or that we would catch so many great fish with you!  Getting ready to throw some on the grill right now!!

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Captain Jeff Sims has experience across many disciplines: fishing, hunting, birding & nature, boating and coastal conservation. Both his father and grandfather were avid fisherman here in the Texas Coastal Bend giving Capt. Jeff a 2-generational wealth of know-how!  He recalls that as a boy, the threesome (along with other family and siblings) would set-off with his family to Ayers Dugout – a place between Mesquite and San Antonio Bayou (Northwest of Cedar Bayou) for uncountable fishing and camping experiences.  He has a very enjoyable personality and has a great way with people of all ages.  Once you’ve meet Capt. Jeff, you’ll be impressed by his passion for everything “outdoors”…and his enthusiasm is contagious!


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